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Insurance Telematics

Solution for UBI - Usage Based Insurance.
UBI Solution

Offer dynamic pricing and better services.

Extend your offer in digital services and reach more customers.
The best solution for Insurance companies. Get vehicle data such as position, driving time, acceleration and speed.
Your Opportunity

Analyze data to offer better services and reduce costs.
Our solution

Use our retrofit solution to classify the driver's behavior.
Your Benefits

Increase loyalty and customer satisfaction.

Generate feedback

Insights that can improve driving behavior and minimize damages, accidents and costs.

Emergency Call

Provide fast assistance in accidents and car crashes using the eCall technology.

Data analytics

Analyze massive data and discover additional benefits and services.

Customer benefits

Promote customer satisfaction and strengthen customer loyalty.

Data Analytics

Using technology to monetize the fleet.

It helps you to make decisions that improve services and reduce costs.

Collect and analyze data to generate valuable insights.
You can collect and analyze the vehicle's position, time, acceleration and speed.
The vehicle's data is collected by the device installed and automatically transmitted.
Analyze the behavior and offer dynamic pricing according to the score.
Digitalize, know your customer better and sell innovative UBI services.
Our product is scalable. We can exceed your client demand.
Emergency Call

eCall - Rapid assistance in accident situations.

Europe-wide mandatory requirements

Our after market solution fully supports the Europe-wide mandatory eCall system.

The eCall is the fastest way to call for help in an emergency situation. Consider all the adversities around and fell safe with the certainty to use the eCall button. Fast response times can save lives.

Discover TIxS
Our Product

TIxS - Tracking Intelligence by PI Labs.

Ready-to-use retrofit for insurance telematics.
  • Cellular module with MFF2 SIM (GSM or LTE (NB-IoT & Cat M1))
  • Positioning: GPS/QZSS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou, Cell ID
  • 3D-accelerometer, 3D-gyroscope (incl. auto-calibration)
  • FW update over the air and remote configuration
  • Data connection secured by TLS 1.2
  • Low current consumption and automatic sleep mode
More Info

Modular Design

Different models of devices
Matching usability needs with the different options.
TIxS Cigarette Lighter Plug

Connect using the Cigarette Lighter Plug

TIxS Fix Mounted

The device easily mounted and installed


Modern OBD II connector

More Functions

Breakdown assistance and roadside coverage.

Easy, fast and helpful.

Get the support you need using one button.

The breakdown assistance will help the driver towing a vehicle, changing a flat tire, opening locked doors with keys inside the vehicle, bringing enough fuel to get to the next station or even repairing the problem that caused the breakdown. The breakdown assistance function can also be used as an add-on feature for minor roadside assistance duties.

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More Services

Use vehicle tracking for other services.

More than UBI

With our smart sensor device, it's possible to track vehicles and monitor the utilization of your entire fleet. Control the costs, driver's working hours and performance of your operators to enhance service quality in different fields like Ride-Hailing, delivery services and transportation in general.

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